Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Relation or "Relay"tion ?

Uh.. really dun hv any idea on any topic. RELATION or RELAYTION? does both line got the same meaning?

Relation (Re*la"tion) (r?-l?"sh?n), n.[F. relation, L. relatio. See Relate.]

The act of relating or telling; also, that which is related; recital; account; narration; narrative;

Connection by consanguinity or affinity; kinship; relationship; as, the relation of parents and children


".. to slow down the proccess of intimation between two or more parties.."

So, why bother? they both still have the same point :P


Shereena Saini said...

relationships are more intimate. to have a relaytion aint mean nothing cause of the lack of intimacy.

free_na said...

ade blog rupenye eh..