Thursday, April 24, 2008

Am Back *haha..*

Lol.. after months of wondering what to put here.. finally i came out with a topic..

My "Coming Soon" Wedding

heh.. am gettin married! and just for the record.. i'm the last one in my SPM97 batch class who are gettin married. Uh.. semua org lain da kawen.. aku je baru nak kawen.. dem.

Rite now, tgh sibuk pilih design kad jemputan. My soon-to-be father in law da beli katil!. Aiyak.. gilak.. awal betul. Nampak sgt tak sabar nak nimang cucu. Hahaha... anyway, back to the subject.. 23rd of August is the day ( 1 day after my b'day ) . So kira hadiah bday tahun ni paling best.

Basicly.. i got another 4 month to enjoy my bachelor life :) so any suggestion on how am i goin to spend this precious 4 months? just leave me a msg and i'll try to look into it. Apa pun, nntikan kemunculan "Kad Jemputan Tercomel Abad Ini". Da...