Tuesday, August 28, 2007

hoy hep hoy hep :">

fuyoh! at last.. my own blod.. hoy.. *blog -.-" hrmm.. there's not much to say for this first attempt.

"am no better than anyone"

:) that phrase makes me move on with my life. to know that i'm still new in this field taught me the meaning of learn n understanding the behaviour of others. being less better are far more noble than being a "wannabe" (watanabe bak kata akali). hahaha.. bongok si akali ni. back to the subject, am always questionized what will happen with this life ( my life la kan.. ) if i feel enough with what i got for now. is it worthy or should i look for more? haizz.. i guess i'll stick to "syukurlah apa yg ada" :) coz am not that good enough to get all the things i dreamt on.

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